Union cook up a storm at Great British baker

Union cook up a storm at Great British baker

Union Industries has helped a Great British Baker perfect its pies & pastry by installing three of its innovative Eiger Freezer Doors, which will improve the efficiency of its cold stores.

Bells Food Group, the Scottish food manufacturer, required a replacement for its traditional sliding insulated door and air-curtain combination, which incurred expensive maintenance and running costs respectively.

Now, thanks to Union’s high speed doors, the company has reduced energy costs, ice build-up around the freezer openings and eliminated downtime that was associated with repairs of the previous solution.

Opening at approximately 1.6 metres per second, the Eiger Door closes automatically after a short dwell time, which allows for continuous traffic flow without compromising freezer temperature, which needs to remain at a constant -25°c.

Union’s Eiger Door utilises its fast operation, along with its innovative and patented dehumidification process to reduce moisture ingress into the freezers, preventing ice build-up on the door blade, frame and workings ensuring correct and effective door operation. At the same time, energy is saved due to reduced moisture ingress into the freezers, meaning better efficiency of the refrigeration system and less defrost cycles required.

In common with other doors in the range, the Eiger Door also features Union’s highly-regarded ‘Crash-Out and Auto-Reset’ damage protection facility guaranteeing it will remain operable even if the heavy duty steel composite bottom beam is hit by a vehicle.

Established in 1931, Bells Food Group manufactures 60 tonnes of pastry per week & 30 million pies per annum delivering pastry and pies to every corner of the UK and meeting the needs of commercial and domestic customers.

Steve Moultrie, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Our Eiger Doors have become synonymous with the food manufacturing sector and have supported the operations of well-known companies throughout the UK and Europe. It was the first successful automatic, rapid roll freezer door on the market and its effectiveness and reliability remain unrivalled.”

Paul Griffiths, Operations Director at Bell Food Group, said: “Union Industries’ doors have helped us to streamline our operations by making it quicker and easier to access our cold store and chilled areas. This has eliminated the time taken to slide our old doors open, which also allows us to maintain a consistent temperature.”