TTE drives Teesside's influence on improving global skills

TTE drives Teesside's influence on improving global skills

TTE Technical Training Group has, for more than 25 years, supported skills development, which has benefited industry on Teesside and around the world.

Its study programmes, employer-sponsored apprenticeships and upskilling programmes for UK and international technicians has enabled the organisation to establish a global reputation for high quality technical training.

TTE’s expertise and industry-standard training facilities in Middlesbrough act as a magnet for international companies keen to arm their technicians with UK-delivered skills and British qualifications, which are respected by industry sectors around the world.

Most recently, TTE has welcomed technicians from the Middle East and West Africa to its uniquely-equipped training centre to gain new skills, competencies and qualifications, which can be applied at their employers’ operations.

A group of 28 technicians from Shell Iraq, who are spending 16 weeks on Teesside training at TTE, were joined by eight process technicians from Equatorial Guinea-based methanol production company, AMPCO, who are spending six months with TTE.

In addition, TTE’s experienced Teesside-based personnel are deployed around the world to deliver training and competency assessment in locations such as Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. TTE’s international presence is further bolstered by training facilities it has established and operates to support local workforce development in Azerbaijan, Oman and Ghana.

Importantly, all of TTE’s commercial activities, in the UK and around the world, are delivered to support the training of young people on Teesside.

As a not-for-profit organisation with charitable status, TTE reinvests all of the surpluses generated by its commercial business into its facilities and its programmes for young people. This enables TTE to increase the number of young people embarking on its engineering and process study programmes every year, which in 2015, rose to more than 300 new starters.

Steve Grant, Managing Director of TTE, said: “We are very proud to export Teesside skills around the world, particularly as it supports the training of our local young people. Training with industry experts, who have the depth of skills and a safety ethos that comes from working alongside global companies such as Shell and Marathon Oil, has helped grow the interest in TTE from young people on Teesside keen on a career in industry.

“These motivated young people benefit from training with our specialists at our respected facilities, which makes them extremely attractive to sponsoring companies looking for apprentices to develop their future workforces. The growth in our study programmes has created a larger pool of talented young people and we are encouraging employers to speak to us about sponsoring opportunities.”