Sale Engineering Products launches new Sprinkler System Flow Test device, the ZONE GUARDIAN

Sale Engineering Products launches new Sprinkler System Flow Test device, the ZONE GUARDIAN

Sale Engineering Products has announced the launch of the ZONE GUARDIAN in partnership with distributing company Zeffire Limited.

The ZONE GUARDIAN is a device which streamlines the mandatory quarterly testing of sprinkler system water flow detectors. The unit ensures that no water is wasted when the test is carried out by creating an artificial water flow using a high-efficiency self-venting circulator pump.

With the patent on the existing Zonecheck® device now expired SEP MD Rob Bell and Zeffire MD Jerry Owen have come together to pool their expertise and offer an alternative to the industry. Rob explains:

"We are working with Zeffire, an experienced distributor of equipment to the UK fire sprinkler contracting industry. It seems a lifetime ago when Jerry asked if he could call in to discuss a potential joint venture; as a former distributor of the Zonecheck® devices, Zeffire were looking for an established high quality manufacturer to work with on a device which can be used to test the integrity of Zone Flow Switches in accordance with the mandatory regulations. The patented Zonecheck® has been extremely successful in this regard but, as the patent is now expired and many of our customers have been asking about this for some time, we both felt it was time our industry is given the opportunity to shop around for an alternative! We've had challenges, and more are sure to follow, but we are determined to succeed."

When a building is protected by a sprinkler system the law stipulates that it must be maintained and tested to ensure it complies with the requirements of the British Standard. BS EN12845 makes quarterly flow testing mandatory for any sprinkler system. The ZONE GUARDIAN's claims to remove the hassle of carrying out what otherwise can be an arduous task four times a year.

The water flow detector, or flow switch, is a key component that needs regular testing.

Traditionally, a hosepipe is connected downstream of the flow switch and sufficient water must be drained from the sprinkler system to actuate the flow switch and ensure everything is in order. Sale Engineering Products claim that this often requires the work to be carried out "out of hours" and wastes a huge amount of water - potentially hundreds of litres per quarterly test for each flow switch installed. The ZONE GUARDIAN aims to make this unnecessary by creating a loop within the system which simulates the operation of one sprinkler head without the need for any discharge.