​Nortech celebrates national spirit with St George’s Day holiday for staff

​Nortech celebrates national spirit with St George’s Day holiday for staff

Nortech Group staff will enjoy an additional business bank holiday next week to celebrate St George’s Day.

The patron saint’s day on 23 April is in addition to the existing 25 days and eight statutory days’ holiday that staff enjoy at the Wynyard-based engineering services company.

St George’s Day is celebrated in England on the day traditionally accepted as the date of the patron saint’s death in AD 303.

Unlike Scotland and Northern Ireland, which celebrate St Andrew’s Day and St Patrick’s Day respectively with a bank holiday, England currently does not have a countrywide statutory holiday to mark St George’s Day.

Bryan Bunn, Managing Director of Nortech Group, said: “British skills and experience are highly-regarded in countries around the world and we want to recognise the dedication and expertise of our employees by celebrating England and St George’s Day.”

“It is essential that England, as part of the UK, maintains and builds its reputation worldwide in the current economic and political climate. Nortech is a multi-national employer globally and in the UK, we are very proud of our roots in Teesside, England and we celebrate everything that is good about England with all our staff on St George’s Day.”

“It is also a great way to reward the hard work and commitment of our team who continue to help drive our business forward and play a significant part in our success.”

Pictured - L-R: Back row: David Hawkins, Phoebe Drinkle and Jack Hutchinson; Front row: Elaine Ford and Bryan Bunn