New Barrier business to illuminate efficiencies

New Barrier business to illuminate efficiencies

Barrier Group has established a new company that will deliver efficient lighting solutions for application in markets including power generation, warehousing, sporting arenas and schools.

The new business, Barrier LED, uses the latest designs and technology to maximise the projection of light, which eliminates waste and saves up to 60 per cent in running costs. One of its first customers, a school in the North East, is expecting to reduce its energy bill by more than £13,000 a year.

Barrier LED, which is led by directors Tony Oram and Steven Lee, has agreed a distribution agreement with international manufacturer GigaTera, and established a significant stock holding at its premises in Wallsend to enable it to meet client requirements in less than seven days.

Its product range includes flood lights, street lighting, down lights and recessed ceiling panels, which all reduce carbon usage, require virtually zero maintenance and have a 10 year operating life-span.

In addition to its product offering, Barrier LED will support clients with 2D and 3D Lighting Design, Energy and Cost Saving Reports, a demonstration and sample service, funding options, technical support and advice, Smart Lighting Control Systems and installation services.

Tony Oram, Technical Director at Barrier LED, said: “Barrier Group is constantly evolving and expanding to meet the changing needs of the industry and Barrier LED will bring significant value to both new and existing customers. We have worked hard to develop a service offering and source products that will provide the most comprehensive range of commercial and industrial lighting on the market.”

“By replacing outdated incandescent and florescent lighting with new LED technology we are able to deliver cost efficiencies worth thousands of pounds each month. The investment our customers make in new products will repay itself many times over, in essence paying for its self out of the savings made.”

Robert Bowles, Chairman of Barrier Group, said: “Barrier LED is an exciting new business that will bring a new dimension to the Group and diversify our operations. Tony and his team are already making encouraging progress that will provide a significant cost reduction and return on investment to clients.”