Modal Training reveals plans for state-of-the-art crane driver simulator training suite

Modal Training reveals plans for state-of-the-art crane driver simulator training suite

Modal Training,the UK's first fully-integrated multimodal logistics training centre, has appointed simulator specialist, Offshore Simulator Centre AS (OSC), to create a sophisticated crane driver simulator training suite at its new £7M centre in Immingham.

At the heart of the new suite will be two crane simulators housed in domes, each with seven projectors, capable of creating realistic training environments.There will also be six desktop classroom crane simulators, four deck personnel simulators, an instructor station and a debrief room.

The suite will be used to train individuals to drive all kinds of cranes, across a wide range of portside and offshore operations. They are also designed to give trainees the skills and experience they need to work on turbine installation, in the Humber's developing wind energy sector.

Importantly, the crane simulators can alsobe used to simulate offshore ship's bridge and underwater ROV vehicle applications. This will allow whole teams of crane drivers, deck hands and offshore vessel operators to train together in a wide range of critical scenarios.

Sam Whitaker, Group Director of Strategic Projects at the Grimsby Institute Group and Modal Training Board Member,commented:

"Global investment in renewables is increasing, with some of the world's biggest energy firms laying down roots here in the Humber region - the UK's energy estuary.To realise the opportunities in this sector, high quality, bespoke training is needed in order to meet the requirements of businesses in the renewables supply chain. This ranges from new recruits entering the sector, to professional development for the existing workforce.

"Simulation is at the heart of what we offer here at Modal Training. It is safe, effective and cost efficient, and we are delighted that OSC, a world leader in offshore simulator solutions, will be providing a suite of equipment unique to us. We're confident this willhelp to create a new generation of highly-skilled offshore operators and will be key to streamlining the processes for offshore wind farm installation and service."

Joel Alexander Mills, CEO of OSC, added:

"Modal Training required a crane simulation solution to serve a range of training needs, covering portside and offshore operations, and wind turbine installation. It also needed a system that would enable a whole team to train together in critical scenarios. We are delighted that OSC has been chosen to deliver this solution to Modal Training.

"A simulator environment like this will allow users to gain experience in so many cranes and operations which would take years in the workplace but can be found in just a few days in simulation. The hope is that, with the large investment in offshore wind parks off the east coast, this simulator tool can be invaluable in training large numbers of local people and drawing new people to relocate to the area.

"The very best simulation technology makes people forget they're not in a real environment. We believe good simulation is very simple. It requires a rich environment, with images that engulf the simulator, along with cutting edge physics, providing a real-word experience.

"Interconnection is also imperative, enabling people to interact with others. From basic training, to virtual prototyping, which allows the test and development of new concepts, our simulators are incredibly flexible. They provide the ability to interconnect with personnel, cranes and vessels."

Jointly funded by the Grimsby Institute and the Humber LEP, as part of the Humber Growth Deal, Modal Training will be located in purpose-designed 5,696m2 facilities on Kings Road in Immingham, and is set to open in towards the end of 2016.

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