Majority of businesses unprepared for water damage

Majority of businesses unprepared for water damage

Total Water Solutions, a new division of Northumbrian Water Group, is urging businesses to consider the effectiveness of their water infrastructure, after a recent survey revealed that people are more likely to associate with companies that take positive steps to reduce water consumption.

The Durham-based company, which works in partnership with businesses nationwide to control their water usage, has found that more than 50% of potential customers would use a more water efficient business, but the majority of businesses haven’t even considered the matter.

When business owners were asked if they had ever considered the damages an undetected water leak could have on their business; 60% said they have not thought about potential damage, 24% said they had thought about it but not taken any steps to prevent it, and only 16% said they had thought about it and contacted a company for information on how to deal with it.

Andrew Sinclair, Business Development Manager for Total Water Solutions said: “These figures are concerning. Water leaks within commercial property boundaries can have severe effects on companies, not only in financial terms, which can be a huge cost, but also if left unchecked, leakage can cause structural damage to buildings. This can be in the form of building subsidence, or even as underground caverns, which is obviously a major health and safety risk.

“Leaks can also become a major burst at any time. When this occurs, there could be a total loss of water to a site. Another problem that can arise from site leakage is back siphoning, a huge issue if the water network suddenly loses pressure, as external underground water can then enter the network, causing water quality issues and increasing the potential for legionella issues amongst others.

“But raising awareness of the dangers of leaks and water damage is only part of the solution, investing more in technology like our automated meter reading solution, will help to reduce the overall cost and damage caused to properties by water damage by alerting you as soon as leaks occur.”

Through a number of pilot projects with globally recognised customers, Total Water Solutions has found that companies typically save around 30% of their annual water bill if they undertake a Water Audit or through the use of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) equipment.

Water Audits use specialist knowledge that Northumbrian Water Group has developed over decades in industry, which allows Total Water Solutions to take a strategic view of a company’s water usage and infrastructure, which on average saves companies a third of their expenditure on water.

By commissioning Total Water Solutions, construction company Esh Group were able to find the source of unusual water consumption, and fix the leaks and system malfunctions that caused it, saving the firm more than £10,000, equivalent to 63% of their annual water bill. AMR pinpoints areas of waste for all utilities which allows businesses to become more efficient. Total Water Solutions is now installing AMR to cover electricity and gas and is expected to drive further savings.