​Industry Chief visits Washington for trade talks to boost cross-Atlantic opportunities

​Industry Chief visits Washington for trade talks to boost cross-Atlantic opportunities

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation has strengthened the partnership agreement with its American counterpart as part of its focus on boosting cross-Atlantic trade.

The talks with the National Association for Manufacturers (NAM) were part of a wider visit to Washington DC by EEF CEO, Stephen Phipson, who held talks on trade with a number of senior figures in the US Capitol including Trade Adviser to Paul Ryan, Speaker to the US Congress.

In the talks he stressed the importance of free trade, as well as the importance of a bilateral trade agreement following Brexit. Stephen Phipson also raised the issue of proposed steel tariffs and urged the United States to ensure UK steel imports were not subject to any restrictions. Stephen also met with the British Ambassador to the United States.

The agreement with NAM, signed in Spring 2017, involves sharing market intelligence, data and policy work, facilitating visits for economic delegations to promote trade, investment and commercial exchanges and, opportunities for shared promotion at trade fairs and events. As such the visit also included a roundtable between member companies of NAM and EEF to discuss trade opportunities.

NAM and EEF have a common goal to deepen and improve cross-Atlantic trading relationships and structures and several companies are members of both organisations.

Commenting, Stephen Phipson, said:

“The ties between the UK and United States go back a long way and we have significant political, economic and trade connections. Relations with the US are vital and its market is the second most important for UK goods. In a post-Brexit world it is likely to assume ever greater importance as part of our efforts to boost global trade.”#

Jay Simmons, CEO of NAM added:

“The strong US-UK economic relationship supports rewarding jobs for manufacturing workers on both sides of the Atlantic, and the NAM is proud of our continued partnership with EEF as we work to secure more trading opportunities. Our work with EEF has yielded invaluable insights for our members and will be of even greater importance as the UK and the US navigate a post-Brexit world.”